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Ann Littell Mills, RYT 200


After 20 years of practicing law I needed something that was just for me. A space in which I could immerse myself to find freedom.


Joy in movement.


An absence of critical thinking.


A place to just be.


Five years ago I found Sage studio, and the place I needed to be. Over the last five years, my yoga practice has evolved, as I have evolved. At first, it was another form of exercise. My entire life I have been physically active, flitting from one exercise program to the next. Once I found yoga, every other physical pursuit has became complementary to my practice. Yoga gives me strength, flexibility, endurance, and a feeling of being able to accomplish the impossible. I did not expect, now well into my 40s, to be doing handstands, the splits, and twisting myself into seemingly improbable positions. The feeling of a good vinyasa practice is akin to recess for me.


Like peeling the layers of an onion, the practice of yoga revealed itself to me. Over time, it came to awaken my sense of spirituality and evolve my sense of ethical living. Two years ago when the opportunity came to take the 200 hour registered yoga teacher course at Sage, it seemed like the natural progression. I had a B.S., and a J.D., why not an RYT? Of course, I had no intention of teaching, I just wanted to learn more. And learn more I did. The eight limbs of yoga pulled me in. Suddenly my critical mind could see the parallels between raja yoga, religion, law, personal fulfillment, and Edie Brickell’s most popular song.


I’ve always loved teaching, so I guess it was no big shock that I joined the teaching staff of Sage. What might give pause is that I am teaching a Basic class, the slowest of the practices. This is where things come full circle to what I was seeking five years ago when I started yoga- freedom, joy in movement, an absence of critical thinking. All of this can be found in the rigor of vinyasa and the stillness of Yin. In other words: balance.

Sage is a special place. Old and young. Men and women. All religions, no religion. Fit or not. No judgment. Real people all practicing their own yoga. It is the place to just .... be. 

Ann teaches  Monday Night Flow at 6pm!




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