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Best Shape of Your Life Program

Taking your fitness and your life to the next level.
an 8 Week Program with Shane Knox & Dayle Johnson
Jean Kilburn
Jean Kilburn

What can you expect on your first visit? 

We will discuss your goals, concerns and any blocks you see standing in your way to better health.  We will need to touch base on your past medical history and any current medications or supplements. I would like to review how you see your overall physical, emotional and spiritual health status.


A physical exam, including blood pressure check, and a general, overall exam to review your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological, and integumentary systems. Discussion of your nutritional, exercise and sleep patterns. This could include starting a diary to track these personal habits. 


Lastly, I will go over possible interventions to consider. This could include Yoga, Reiki or Shamanic Healing, Aromatherapy, Massage, nutritional changes, exercise,  and supplements.

After your consultation, Shane will meet with you for an Intuitive Life Coaching session to help establish the underlying issues and what needs to be done energetically to help you achieve your fitness goals.  He will discuss such topics as Chakras, issues that need resolving, aspects of Soul Retrieval, potential energy work or guided meditations, or any other modality that will help you in your quest for personal excellence.  He will also discuss with you  the types of yoga classes and/or workouts that will be right for your goals.  

After this session, Shane will meet with Dayle to for a comprehensive program of nutrition, supplements, yoga, and whatever additional services they would recommend to empower you to reach your maximum potential in this 8 week program.

Shane will be available for two follow up life coaching sessions and life line support, while remaining in regular contact with the you and with Dayle to coordinate and adjust the program as you move through it.

Cost:   $580 for 8 weeks

Contact Dayle to Begin:

Dayle Johnson, FNP-BC,

Sage Studio Wellness Facilitator