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Spirit Messages

222 Channeled Inspirations

by Shane Knox

"As human beings, finding our way home to the self is the most important journey we ever take. And it’s up to us to make that journey a conscious one. So, if you are holding this book in your hands then it means that you are ready for a change in your life and that your journey has already begun. "    - from the foreward by Jennifer Dove Robinson

About Spirit Messages

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and awesome feedback about  Spirit Messages. I thought I'd tell you the story of how they came to be. My dear friend, the Beloved Jann, suggested one day that I get up every morning and "tune in" to get a message from Spirit to post on Facebook.


My mornings are my quiet time and I was very reluctant. I didn't see that it was important and really wasn't sure I'd have anything to say since my messages are usually in person or on the phone and directed at just one person.


Reluctantly, I sat down the first day and asked Spirit what they wanted to say. I got a word or two and didn't know what to do with them so I sat down at the laptop and typed, "Spirit message of the day" and those few words. At that moment my fingers started flying and the entire message came out.


I found this to be true every day that I posted one of these messages. I get a word or two, sometimes just a feeling and when I sit down and start to write it all comes through.


I love sharing the messages from Spirit but I also have to confess that Spirit knew what they were doing by sending the idea through Jann. What it has done for me personally is get me to connect with Spirit directly without a client or personal issue in mind. It lets me open to them in a pure and open fashion that has helped me to grow.


Thank you all for the feedback and thank you Spirit for letting me be an instrument for these messages to come through.


Love and light


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"Take all that is holy, all that is irreverent and profane, weld it to fire, add molten, unstoppable devotion, crown it with ink and leather, roll it all out on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and that is Shane Knox. Shane is devoted to both self and others, to growth to the Divine. He trusts the information he receives and delivers it with both reverence and humor. His devotion also includes the pack of German Shepherds he tends and the flock of birds that fill the air of his home. What a powerful symbol of his ability to live his life as a shaman, balanced always between the human and the animal, between the earth and the sky."

 - from the foreward by Jennifer Dove-Robinson


See Your Soul Self Reflected in Others


Everyone you encounter is a mirror reflecting some aspect of yourself back to you.
By observing and responding to the life-themes reflected in your interactions with others,

you can glimpse true insight about yourself.

What you notice most in others exists most strongly within you.

When confronted by someone unpleasant, it is easiest to remove them from your life

by finding that part of you that mirrors their behavior.

You are the common thread in your encounters.
Therefore, do not separate yourself from your experiences.

By being fully present in every situation, you can gain powerful insights about the self.
Ask within your own mind what you can learn about yourself from every person in your life.
Honor the truth that is being shown to you with acceptance, even if it is something you wish to change.


Let go of the tendency to avoid these truths.

Until you do so, you are robbing yourself of opportunities for redefinition.

To be successful in this, you must determine which reflections are accurate and which are distorted.
Some mirrors are like those in a fun house, exaggerating certain aspects out of proportion.


Others give more accurate reflections.
All are there for the sake of understanding the self.


Choose to let go of the overblown or outdated parts of yourself.

Seek out the individuals who shine with the same light you wish to show the World.
Surround yourself with people who reflect back to you the better parts of yourself.
You will begin to see your Soul Self reflected in every face you meet.

- from Spirit Messages by Shane Knox

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