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200 Hour RYT Program

Take your love of Yoga to the next level and begin Yoga Teacher Training/Personal Practice Development with Shane Knox. Shane is the primary instructor and will bring his usual humor and insight as a Shaman to this training which is based on traditional 8 limbed yoga. His unique take on this time proven practice will leave you feeling informed and empowered. Shane is well known for being able to make yoga relatable to everyday life. His students are strong on the mat and Strong in Life!

You will learn about asana, breath, meditation, philosophy and history, energetics, and so much more. This program is approved by the a Yoga Alliance and will qualify you for their RYT200 designation.

Whether your goal is to become a yoga teacher or to simply deepen your own understanding and personal practice this training is perfect for you. 


The Details:

Begins:March 4th, 2023


Shane Knox



Classes every other weekend through June 25th, 2023

See schedule here.


Cost:  $2500

Payment Plan: $2,700

  • Terms: $1500 down and 3 payments of $400 beginning April 1, 2023



Sage Studio provided a stellar teacher training experience. The program explored all 8 limbs of yoga in great depth. The training program included not just the physical practice, but gave students the opportunity to observe and comment on the yamas and niyamas in real life. This is a program with extensive personal instruction that not only improves personal practice, but stokes the fire for future learning. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking of making an investment in teacher training!      - Ann Mills

Shane Knox provided an incredible, thorough, and meaningful yoga teacher training experience at Sage Studio! Shane is a talented teacher not only as a yoga instructor, but also as a teacher of the eight limbs, physiology, engaging the class in discussion, and providing multiple teaching activities and karma yoga opportunities. This wasn't an easy program by any means and we had to invest a lot of "out-of-class" time, but I looked forward to each and every class and the hours flew by. My practice improved dramatically and my understanding of the eight limbs led me on my own journey of Svadyaya in addition to the class readings. If you're passionate about becoming a full fledged yogi/instructor and have the opportunity to be taught by Shane Knox, take it! It's incredibly powerful and rewarding.   -Taylor Hamp

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