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Elizabeth Somatra

Akashic Soul Guide

They say a healer doesn’t heal others…

A healer shows others how to heal themselves.

I feel my life has been a journey of self-discovery and healing; I suppose that is what we are all here for, healing, expanding, evolving, ascending. As I have walked my healing journey, I've experienced many modalities, but in 2019 I found the Akashic Records and knew this was the next step on my path. From my first reading I was drawn to the magic of what the Akashic Records held for my life. I have since dedicated myself and my work to sharing the Records with all who feel called to their magic.

Your Soul is calling you home, are you listening?

  • You may be in a position where you want to grow 

  • Know the purpose of your life

  • Discover your inner soul

  • Heal at a physical, emotional and mental level

  • Get answers to “why” questions in different areas of your life (relationships, business, etc.)

  • Clear past-life blocks, fears, anxiety and phobias that you may be facing

  • Make better choices based on your soul’s wisdom

  • Identify limitless possibilities

  • You may know you’re here to evolve your spirit, to learn life lessons, and you may have a strong desire to feel connected to the Universe in the process.


  • You often find yourself stuck not knowing WHAT to do.

  • You feel confused or stuck because the same life lessons KEEP repeating.

  • You’re realizing that breaking away from old patterns is A LOT harder than you thought.

  • You want to discover your true path and soul purpose

It is through guidance I received from the Records that I:

  • Gained clarity amidst life’s complexities

  • Healed deep wounds & transformed limiting beliefs

  • Uncovered the underlying patterns, lessons, and soul contracts that shape my current life experiences.

  • Discovered understanding of my Soul and the Universe

  • Aligned with my soul’s purpose and created my dream business, mentoring clients in aligning with their soul path & purpose, providing guidance, support and healing

I will lead you through your own healing, your own breakthroughs, raising your own conscious awareness, and gaining your own understanding of your Soul and the Universe.


You will feel more empowered, more peaceful, more aligned, and more grounded in who you are and where you are heading.

Know your soul.

Heal your soul.

Love your soul.

And then let your soul guide you on the most magical journey of your life.

Click here to discover more about the Akashic Records.

Click here to book a session.

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