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Shamanic Healing Technique

Shamanic Healing Technique is a method of energetic healing that I have personally established that is based on many traditional Shamanic practices, coupled with decades of practice as an energy healer. I have taken all of the most powerful techniques and understandings that I have been taught and combined them with channeled information and understanding to put together a comprehensive and easy to use system for using the elements for the purpose of healing.

​We are all extensions of Spirit. We all have a unique vibration and frequency that we emit when we are in personal balance and the elements are working together harmoniously within our bodies. When we come out of balance with any of these elements we fall into illness, fatigue, disease, depression, or any of a number of other problems. Each element corresponds to different physical and mental attributes within the body, but also make up the four lines of creation we emit into the Universe.

30 minute Healing Session $70

60 minute Healing Session $120





Level One $175

Level Two $175

The services offered on this site, as well as, all services performed by Shane Knox by phone, video, or in person, including all media based works that he presents are given purely from a Spiritual perspective of Modern Shamanism and are not meant to take the place of any licensed professional including doctors, counselors, therapists, etc.   No refunds.

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