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Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions with Shane


Life coaching is presented as a means of self empowerment and goal attainment.


Shane will help you to understand and define your personal goals. He will then assist in clearing the obstacles you face internally and externally, and finally, help you to enable yourself to move forward toward personal success and accomplishment in all areas of your life.


These dynamic sessions are presented in a casual conversation format and will be conducted in person, by phone, or via zoom. 


Shane will give direction, insight, and perspective that will help you to transform yourself and your life. 


One Hour Coaching Session $120

Half Hour Coaching Session $70


Book Sessions in Person, or via Phone or Zoom



Springfield, MO

Business Owner

"I can’t talk about Shane without addressing the spiritual aspect of his practice. Part of what sets him apart from traditional “counselors” is his ability to connect with clients on a profound, spiritual level. He brings insight and understanding to every situation. He has shared things with me, about me, that I have never told anyone. I have always tried to have an open mind – but I do have a strong skeptical side as well, and there’s just no denying Shane’s connection with something deeply spiritual."

Suggested Next Steps on the Path

The services offered on this site, as well as, all services performed by Shane Knox by phone, video, or in person, including all media based works that he presents are given purely from a Spiritual perspective of Modern Shamanism and are not meant to take the place of any licensed professional including doctors, counselors, therapists, etc.  No refunds.

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