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Guided Imagery Session Guided Meditation


In addition to providing a profound sense of relaxation, Guided meditation can also help with such things as: Quitting smoking,weight loss, development of intuition, removing fears or mental blocks and recall of memories, and much much more.Each meditation is custom designed for your maximum benefit. Guided meditation helps you to align your conscious and sub conscious minds to achieve your goals more effectively.


One Hour Session $80

Session includes 1/2 of discussion and 1/2 hour of meditation

Schedule in Person or vie Phone

Meditation Coaching


Shane will help you to understand which type of meditation practice is going to work best for you according to your personality type and dominant senses. He will instruct you on the various types of meditation that will work best for you and offer tips to deepen your practice. He will also guide you in selecting tools and creating a Sacred Space for your Meditation Practice.


One Hour  Session   $80

Book Session In Person or via Phone

Group Meditations and Business Group Meditations


Shane offers guided meditations on a variety of topics, as well as custom designed meditations for your business, group or gathering. Interpretation and open discussion about each attendants experience is included after the meditation.


For informatioin on Group and Business rates and how to host a guided meditation. Email:

The services offered on this site, as well as, all services performed by Shane Knox by phone, video, or in person, including all media based works that he presents are given purely from a Spiritual perspective of Modern Shamanism and are not meant to take the place of any licensed professional including doctors, counselors, therapists, etc.   No refunds.

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