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Bandhas, an introduction to Yoga Locks

What is a Shaman?  

A Shaman’s path is one of service to others, of being the voice and hands of Spirit to aid people in their life’s journey.  For me, being a Shaman is a way of life. ...  read more.

NEW Service!  Chat Readings

Readings are a great way to gain personal insights and receive messages from Spirit.  Now you can receive your reading via chat!  Just schedule your meeting time and you will be emailed a link to your secure chat.  Perfect when you can't get in for an in person reading!  One Hour $50, Half Hour $30



"I started practicing yoga one year ago. I've been pretty reflective lately on that past year, and how yoga has changed me and what I've learned.


Here it is: you (yes you) are capable of FAR more than you give yourself credit for.  People are generally much more powerful than they believe.  Find your inner bad-ass, people. I know its in there."



Republic, MO


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Sage Studio:  A New Adventure in Yoga

Change is in the air once again, and I don't mean the weather. After neglecting my yoga practice over the summer months it looks as though the Universe has provided a solution. more

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