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Spirit Message of the Week

11 Celebrate your uniqueness

There is something unique within you, something that wants to be set free.

Maybe it’s a talent or an ability or an idea you would like to express or create.

So often we allow fear and doubt to keep us from giving life to our true potential.

Sometimes we’re afraid that we won’t be appreciated or that we’ll fail.

But some of the greatest accomplishments in human history came from Souls

that found boldness to stand apart from everyone else

and gave their truth a chance to thrive.

Decide today that you will no longer deprive the world

or yourself of the amazing things you are capable of.

Embrace your difference.

Use it to set your Soul free into a place of expression and joy.

Tell everyone you can about what makes you different and celebrate that uniqueness every chance you get.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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