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Spirit Message of the Week

14 Own your truth

How can you ever have trust in another if you lie to yourself? Trust is something that must first be established within.

People lie to themselves out of fear, or a feeling of not being in control, or a concern that others won’t like them if they knew the truth.

Then people suffer from feeling that others are not honest with them, as well. This inner seed of distrust extends to others far too often.

Decide today that, regardless of what the truth is in your life, you are going to own it.

Step into truth and become the truth you seek in others. Trust in Spirit enough that you begin to own even the things in your world that aren’t quite as you want them to be. Be honest with yourself and your life will become filled with a beauty that far surpasses the image you created in falsehood.

Through this inner honesty, you will begin to magnetize people, drawing them into your life. And your ability to trust will grow.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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