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Spirit Message of the Week

16 Accept your life

Do not waste your time wishing things were different in your life.

Every situation in your world is an opportunity to dig deeper into your personal truth,

a chance to learn more about your Soul’s journey.

Some of the greatest gifts in this life come in ugly wrapping paper.

It is only when we open them fully,

revealing the core of what is inside,

that we are able to appreciate each circumstance

and lessons that come with it.

Do not avoid the uncomfortable and the difficult.

They will make you stronger.

Do not avoid that which is sad.

It will teach you the value of happiness.

Anger brings with it the chance to learn self-control.

Once you have accepted the circumstance

and learned what it has come into your life to teach you,

only then you will be free, through your intention

and actions, to change it.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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