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Spirit Message of the Week

18 Welcome the kind words of others

Do not deflect compliments or praise.

Many do this out of a sense of humility when, in fact, such humbleness is a reflection of insecurity: people who cannot see their own incredible beauty cling to their doubts and negative self-image.

In deflecting praise, you have not only denied yourself a chance to feel validation and acceptance, you have also denied others the joy of offering positive energy

in the form of compliments or kind actions.

This is a rejection of your own true nature and of theirs, as well.

You are a magnificent being.

You are a bright, shining Soul and, regardless of how you may see yourself, you are praiseworthy.

Your life is cause for celebration.

Welcome the kind words of others and greet them with gratitude.

Keep the circle of positive energy moving and growing.

Find yourself in the compliments others offer you.

Let their words and gestures toward you be a reflection of the truth you now see within your own self-image.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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