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Spirit Message of the Week

19 Find compassion for all

Recognizing another’s potential in no way obligates them to live up to it.

Trying to change another to fit your definition of what is right not only negates their personal expression; it often becomes a means of self-distraction from the things you wish to change within yourself.

Often, the frustration felt in leaving one’s own potential unfulfilled is projected onto others, resulting in irritation, judgment, or anger.

Instead of trying to change the behavior of others, choose to focus on yourself.

Take responsibility for your own happiness, instead of basing it on the actions of others.

This will change your experience in this life.

In some circumstances, happiness will come from acceptance of another’s difference.

In others, it will come from no longer allowing them presence in your life.

When you shift focus to the Self, a great blessing occurs.

You move into an energy that feeds your Soul.

You become more accepting of differences in others while discerning what is acceptable

in your World.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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