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Spirit Message of the Week

22 Stand Strong

Standing in your truth with integrity can be challenging at times, especially when one is in touch with the Soul-Self and seeking a Spirit-led life.

Others will try to drag you into their dramas, their issues, and even their truths— truths that do not match your own.

Some may try to change you to fit their desires.

Others will stoop to sabotage and insult.

In an effort to keep things as they were, they may well question why you have changed.

Stand strong.

Do not be pulled into negativity.

Take that same energy and use it to strengthen your resolve and live your truth even more fully.

Stand out from the crowd when integrity calls for it.

Take time to sit alone, quietly defining within yourself the life you want to live.

Find your truth of expression and establish that truth as your way of being.

Make it your response to the World.

Be prepared to shift your relationships.

Some will change. Some will end.

But through the strength of your resolve, by the steadfast integrity of your truth,

you will begin to magnetize people into your life and create situations that mirror

your higher vibration.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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