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Spirit Message of the Week

23 Focus on the Spiritual

Everything in existence is Spiritual, for everything in Creation is that which you call God.

It is in everything. It is the sum total of everything that is or could be.

God is both the creator and the Creation, the situation and the experience.

Within you, it is your Soul.

You are a part of this Divine tapestry, and everything you place your focus on,

everything you experience, is Spiritual. Everything in your World is there to remind you that you are part of something much greater.

Once this belief is deeply established, you will begin to see your World differently.

You will understand higher and lower vibrations, freed from judgment.

What you send out comes back to you.

When you are at a high vibration, things go well; you feel in tune.

When you are in a lower vibration, you will be brought into anger or sadness, maybe even a feeling of being lost or detached.

Both are deeply Spiritual states of being.

Both will ultimately lead you to your true Self and to the understanding that you—

and everything that happens in your life— is an act of Divine grace, ever leading you back home.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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