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Spirit Message of the Week

24 Choose your company wisely

Just as similar birds flock together and wolves run in packs, so people thrive most when in the company of those like themselves.

By seeking out people who mirror your truths back to you and inspire you to even greater heights, you choose to be blessed.

You empower yourself to grow and expand your experience in this life.

By establishing and relying on this network of support and understanding, you define yourself and find encouragement and validation in times of need.

Far too often, people seek acceptance from people who just happen to be there

and change themselves to fit in, merely out of fear of being alone.

In such casual company, they will inevitably suffer from feelings that they are misunderstood or lacking in approval.

Choose your company wisely!

Anyone holding a significant place in your life should be uplifting and supportive.

This does not mean you have to match in every way. Even right-minded criticism can be a blessing when it is coupled with understanding and acceptance.

Make the choice now to surround yourself and interact with those who complement your own energy, who recognize and honor your truth.

Know yourself well enough to know who fits in your circle of support and treasure those individuals.

Hold love and compassion for all you meet, but be selective in whom you invite along on this grand journey you call life.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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