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Spirit Message of the Week

25 Step into the dance

In the quest for Spirituality, many judge themselves for becoming caught up

in the human experience, for giving in to emotion, reaction, or ego.

If they do not live up to their higher values and beliefs, they feel a sense of failure.

They may even attempt to separate their higher values from their daily lives.

This is a hurtful perspective.

When you choose to see everything in your World—

the preferable and the uncomfortable, the “success” and the “failure,”

ALL— as aspects of your Soul’s journey, you step into Divine Grace.

You begin to see everything in your World as a grand master teacher,

a constant presence of guidance and reassurance leading you back to yourself.

You begin to realize that everything in existence is part of a great oneness

and that you are as important as any other aspect of Creation.

Your experience—all of it—is a divine dance.

It is the journey of a Soul as experienced from the human perspective.

Be grateful for every part of your life.

It is all there for a reason.

The fact that you exist is proof of the magnificence of Spirit.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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