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Spirit Message of the Week

26 Forgive for your own sake

Forgiveness is a very powerful energy that is capable of changing your life.

Finding the compassion to acknowledge that the other person’s wrongdoing reflects his or her own inner struggle releases you from the cycle of negativity.

This does not mean accepting the behavior or even allowing the person’s presence in your life. It does mean finding your own inner challenges— the things you wish to overcome and have not, the things for which you must forgive yourself— in order to extend that understanding to others and to find peace.

For your own sake, offer forgiveness. Forgiving others frees you from negative energies connected with the situation and fills you with a compassion that will allow you to view your own struggles more kindly.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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1 Comment

Very good. There have been times that I have found it difficult to forgive. Once I wrestled resistance to the ground, it was so very freeing. I may not forget what happened, but I now forgive and move on.

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