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Spirit Message of the Week

27 Own your mistakes

Owning mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions—

especially when they are wrong— is an act of empowerment.

So many avoid owning their errors out of vanity and a need to control their image in the eyes of others.

They are simply afraid of looking bad.

In doing so, they step out of truth.

Your mistakes are opportunities to learn and redefine yourself.

They give you a chance to understand yourself and the effect you have on others.

By acknowledging error and apologizing, you will have stepped into a space of true self-ownership, a state of a Divine Grace.

You will have let go of the fear of how you are seen and increased your personal awareness.

Do your best, always.

Let that be your goal instead of worrying about image, and remember that the very nature of Spirit is forgiveness and understanding.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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