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Spirit Message of the Week

31 See the world as your mirror

Your outer World is a reflection of your inner Self.

If you wish more fully to understand yourself, begin by understanding the people and situations in your life.

They are all there because you need the experience they offer to further you in your Soul’s journey. This is especially true of the people and situations you find troublesome or annoying.

Make peace with that part of yourself, and your experience with others will change.

When you begin to see the things in your life as a grand design rather than as random occurrences, you will have stepped onto the path of self-awareness and mastery.

Find the beauty inside of you and watch it radiate out into the World.

It can be no other way.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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1 Comment

Judy Davison
Judy Davison
Dec 18, 2023

On target & words I need to hear & share with others. Thank you.

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