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Spirit Message of the Week

34 Know Yourself

To say that you will deal with something later is to deny yourself happiness in the here and now, for your truth will not wait.

It will whisper to you from every corner of your life.

It will call to you.

It will become the thing you cannot ignore.

Know, then, that you are a traveler on the road to the Self and that you are the road being traveled.

You are the roadblocks along the way and you are the solution to those blocks.

You are the starting point and the destination.

You are the experience and that which is being experienced.

You are the situation and every emotion connected to it.

You are the only one who can understand your perspective, your experience, and your reasons for your actions.

You are the breath in the moment that is the essence of physical life.

You are a Soul expressing itself in human form.

You came into this life with a Divine purpose, and you chose every circumstance that you encounter.

Why then do you allow yourself to feel that you are not in control of yourself,

of your World?

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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