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Spirit Message of the Week

5 Value_and Valadate_Your Own Needs

So many of us put out tremendous effort for someone else but will not put that same effort into ourselves.

Why is this?

Because we want to be accepted and liked by others and do not believe they will want us in their lives unless we work to gain their favor. Why then do we not do things for ourselves? Because we do not fully like and accept ourselves. We don’t place the same value on our own needs as we do on the needs of others. By putting the same time and effort into our own self, we develop a sense of inner validation that leads to greater self-worth and self-love. Once we begin to repair our relationship with our inner Self, we open doors to new experiences in this life.

Decide today that the acceptance you want is within your own Self, and that you, yourself, are worth the same efforts you would put forth for another.

Do something beautiful for yourself today. Do that thing you have put off because you don’t feel you deserve it. Be selfish for all the right reasons.

You will not only change your life, but you will find yourself energized and recharged and able to help others.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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