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Spirit Message of the Week

6 Listen to your inner voice

Deep within each of you is a sense, a knowing that recognizes truth.

It is the part of you that knows right from wrong beyond the need for rules and society’s morals. It is the truest aspect of yourself that is connected ultimately to Spirit.

By developing the ability to hear and trust that inner knowing, you will always be led along the path that feeds your Soul. You will know integrity and be freed from difficulty in making decisions as your inner compass guides you in all situations.

Take time in silence to learn to listen to your inner voice.

Do not let others dictate what is right for you. This will often be based on their desires rather than on your best interest. At a minimum, it will be based on their perspective instead of yours.

Do not give in to urges and temptations that lead you away from what you know is right.

Learn to trust yourself, even when others doubt you.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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