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Spirit Message of the Week

8 Rise above it all

Some people will go to great lengths to take you from your path.

Rise above it.

Some people will question you and your character.

Rise above it.

Some people will try to change you to ft what they want and, when they can’t, they will try to pull you down.

Rise above it.

Some people will try to drag you into their personal, petty dramas.

Rise above it.

By rising above it all, we step into our own power. By staying true to ourselves and our higher natures, we free ourselves from the karma and negative energies of others. It is a challenge to remain true to ourselves, especially when it means letting go of someone we once cared for.

But it is more than worth it.

When we choose not to give in to others’ negativity, we honor our true, higher Selves. In staying true to ourselves, we rise up to a state of grace and experience a greater connection to the Soul-self—And that connection can help change the very world we live in.

-Shane Knox, Urban Shaman


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