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Book Shane for Workshops and Speaking Engagements on the following topics:


  • Establishing Your Identity- The Who Are You Workshop

  • Prosperity Consciousness. The Art of Living Abundantly

  • Every Day Spirituality

  • Anahata:  The Love Chakra

  • The Aura, Understanding Your Energetic Self

  • Understanding Intuition

  • All My Relations. The Shamans View of the World

  • Chakra Asana, a Yogic Journey through the Chakras

  • The Power of Ritual, a Shamans Perspective on Manifestation

  • How to Practice Yoga and Never Get on a Yoga Mat

  • Living Joyously in a Sorrowful World 

  • Mantras: Who is Krishna Anyway?

  • The Chakras


For more information on these topics and to book a workshop in your city call 417-866-2248 or email

Clips of Workshops:


The Shaman Next Door - 417 Magazine

Freatured Article - Evolving Magazine Kansas City

A Shaman's View on Manifesting


Best Soothsayer 2010 - 417 Magazine "Best of" Edition


Former Official Shaman of Alice 95.5 - The Kevin and Liz Show!


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