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Reiki Healing Session 


Shane has done Energetic Healing for nearly 32 years. Reiki is one of many forms of energy work in which he allows hisself to become a channel for Spiritual energy to flow through him to the person he is working on. This energy creates an atmosphere in which you can heal yourself on all levels and establish an overall sense of wellbeing.


Half Hour Session........$70

One Hour Session .......$120

Reiki Attunements


The Reiki technique is passed from Master to student/practitioner through a series of Attunements.


Shane offers Reiki training and certification from Level I to Master level. During these attunements you will be taught the use of Sacred Reiki symbols, how to open and cultivate your own healing channel and how to conduct Reiki sessions for others.


All materials will be provided along with a signed certificate and copy of lineage all the way back to the founder of the Reiki system, Master Usui which will document your accomplishment. I will perform the level I and II attunments during the same session upon request. There is a mandatory waiting period of 21 days minimum between Level II and Master level.


Reiki Level I Attunement $175

Reiki Level II Attunement $175

Reiki Master Level Attunement $350

The services offered on this site, as well as, all services performed by Shane Knox by phone, video, or in person, including all media based works that he presents are given purely from a Spiritual perspective of Modern Shamanism and are not meant to take the place of any licensed professional including doctors, counselors, therapists, etc.   No refunds.

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