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Shane Knox, ERYT200/RYT500, Studio Owner

I guess I’d have to say the first time I did Yoga was with my mother as a child. She would come home from her class and show me poses. It was fun and a way for us to connect but I never realized how important it would one day be in my life. As I grew up and became an adult I practiced off and on with a variety of teachers in a variety of studios. I began to understand that Yoga was not the same thing from studio to studio and from teacher to teacher.


Some of it was soft gentle stretching. Some, a very hard work out. I was already into meditation and Spirituality and was delighted when I found the teachers who seemed to effortlessly weave those elements into what we were doing in class.


In my early forties I decided that I needed some personal change. I had become overweight, lazy and really just plain bored with myself. I realized that I was at a critical point. I would either find a way to reinvent myself and come back to life or I would continue a slow slide into depression and begin to damage my health. I turned to an old friend, Yoga. I enrolled at Teach to Inspire Yoga Education Center and in record time became their first RYT500 graduate. It was selfishly motivated. I had no intention or desire to teach yoga. I already had a long standing career going as a Shaman.

I lost 40 pounds, re-established myself as a vegetarian and got happy. I make that sound simple. It was and it wasn’t. Yoga began to strip away the problems, bringing them to the surface and giving me a way to process and deal with them. It literally melted the fat off of me and gave me strength and command of my body that I had only dreamed 
was even possible. I delved deeper into Yoga’s Spiritual teachings and found understandings of myself and the World I live in that have shaped my path ever since. Yoga changed me. It changed me for the better on every single level. It gave me the tools to be calmer, happier and more connected. It showed me how to live fully.

At that point I decided I couldn’t keep it to myself and decided to open Sage Studio. The personal growth aspect of Yoga fit so perfectly with my practice as a Shaman that it only made sense. I can now say that it was the best decision of my life. Sharing the practice with others is a huge blessing for me. I love helping people get strong and healthy, 
connect with their true selves and discover what I have known for a 
long time now, “yoga finds a way to keep giving you its next gift”.

See Shane's teaching schedule here!

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