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Soul Retrieval


Soul retrieval is a term, used by Shamans, to refer to the practice of journeying into other realities to reclaim a part of a persons Soul that has been splintered off or stolen by someone else.


A lot of people have trouble with the idea of part of their soul is missing. Talk about mixed reactions. You should see the look on a clients face when I say, did you know a part of your soul is missing? I can understand the concern.


So, lets break this down in a not so scary fashion. We are all born into these physical bodies from the spirit world. Our soul chooses a set of situations and a body that will serve the souls individual needs for this lifetime. Then, through the miracle of birth we begin this lifetime. Our soul has a way to connect with this world and interact within it. All of the plans, ideals and personality of the soul are in place. We are ready to embark on the greatest adventure ever, with everything we need to become our greatest potential already within us.


Then, life happens. Yep, were free to be born into the perfect situation, full of potential and energy but we have to share this plane of existence with every one else. We do not create our own reality, we co-create it. Think about it. If we were free to totally create our own reality everyone would be like bumper cars slamming souls we all agree to certain things. There are universal laws, like gravity and death. These are things that are pretty hard to ignore. They are a part of the fabric of this particular reality that we are all in right now. Then there is the fact that we all interact with others. This is where most of the soul loss comes from.


The loss of part of the soul is like losing an aspect of your personality. Its a quality of yourself that has splintered off from you due to some sort of trauma or negative experience or another person has stolen it from you. One example of this would be an abused child. The part of that childs soul that trusts could splinter off due to the trauma of abuse. This could lead to many problems involving trust in life. Relationships, business affairs, even ones faith in spiritual matters. If this abuse were limited to childhood then that piece of the soul would be somewhere in the spirit world waiting to be reconnected. If however the abuser was still present in that persons life and that abuse had not been resolved between them then that part of the childs soul would be with the abuser. The person who inflicted the trauma would have stolen that part of the soul that trusts.


Another example would be someone in a relationship with a controlling individual. Through time the controlling party could steal the part of the soul that is confidence. Then, the individual would feel insecure or fearful about making decisions for themselves or others.


The results of such soul losses can be quite devastating. Illness, fears, loss of personal identity, insecurities and many other things can easily be attributed to soul loss. If we can think of ourselves as being made of energy then this loss can be seen a lessening of our energy. It can handicap us in relationships, keep us from attaining goals or even cause depression, illness and anxiety. Most people who have suffered such a loss have a sense of things just not being right, that something is missing.


So a part of your soul is missing. Great, what now? The answer lies in Soul Retrieval. This Shamanic practice allows the me to Journey into the Spirit World to reclaim the part of the Soul that is missing. I use various tools, such as drums, music, incense and crystals to help me travel into the spirit world. Many practices speak of upper and lower worlds, but for now lets keep it simple. Animal totems and spirit guides also aid me on this Journey. Once in the spirit world I follow my Guides to your energetic trail. By following this trail the I am able to find the pieces of Your Soul Energy that are missing or have been held captive. Often there is a sort of battle for the soul fragment between myself and the person who stole it from you. If it has been stolen the person or entity holding it uses its energy as his or her own. They will not easily give that up.


Once the piece of the soul has been retrieved I journey back to you with the aid of my guides and animal totems, bringing this aspect of the soul with me. I then reintegrates the aspect of the Soul that has been retrieved back into you. This is accomplished through ritual, energetic transference, and many other techniques, either in person or by distance, depending on the situation. Once you have reclaimed your Soul fragment back into yourself you will often see dramatic changes in personality and confidence. Many are relieved of illness or lack of energy and all speak of a profound difference in the way they see themselves.


In my personal practice I also counsel individuals as to how to change habits, thought patterns and personal tendencies to help them with this reintegration process. The Soul Retrieval is a reclaiming of that which as been lost. It is then a matter of using that energy to make changes in your everyday life. Drawing on that part of yourself that has been returned to you. It is up to the individual to learn how to tap into his or her own soul. That part of themselves that has unlimited potential. Through this connection the individual is able to recreate their life to be more as they would have it.


These sessions are designed to help you isolate trauma, events and relationships that have caused you to lose Soul Energy and Identity. These energies are reclaimed and restored to you so that you can reach a state of complete wellbeing.


This dynamic process is very interactive and is presented in three sessions. First, the Seeker will be asked to write a letter about what they feel has been lost or taken from them and who or what they believe caused the loss. They will also be asked for a small object, which they will get back. Shane will use these things as a means to connect with the individual through the process. The Seeker will then participate in a Spirit Calling ceremony to ask for help from their Guides and Angels in the process. Shane will advise them on what they are to work on at home throughout the Soul Retrieval. The second session is the Forgiving Ceremony to free the Seeker from their past hurts. After this, Shane will do the Shamans Journey to reclaim the lost Soul fragments. The Soul Retrieval will conclude with a final ceremony called the Gathering. At this time Shane will return the object, letter, and all Soul Fragments gathered through the Journey.


These sessions will all occur in person unless it is a distance Retrieval, in which case all sessions will be done by phone or Skype.


Soul Retrieval...$650 Includes four sessions

Distance Soul Retrieval ... $850


Four in Person Sessions  $650

Distance Soul Retrieval  $850



Springfield, MO

Graphic Designer

"10 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Dissociative Disorder, that in my case, left me spending hours and hours of my time, “not home” or “zoned out”. It would take me hours to do anything because my natural response to any stress was to go on “pause”. I understand now, that this helped me survive abuse as a child, “I” was able to “leave” even if the rest of me couldn't. Realizing this and trying to stay in the present moment left me with panic attacks every night. I have taken every anti-depressant under the sun for over 10 years.


I read the description for Soul Retrieval on the website. It rang true with me as something I dearly needed. I had something missing, something important. I began the process with Shane. I can't describe the process I went through as I am sure it is different for each individual. What I can tell you is how I have changed, what I have lost and what I have gained.


It's been one year since I completed Soul Retrieval and I have lost that “lost” feeling. I have also lost anti-depressants, panic attacks and have left depression in the dust.


I have gained: Peace in my heart and mind, I enjoy the present, I exercise, I do Yoga, I do everything faster. I still have lots of work to do but for the first time ever I KNOW I'm on the right path.


It's not easy, but if you do the work it IS possible to leave that dark place. Thank you Shane for helping me find my way out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, who knew it was me?"


-April 2012

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The services offered on this site, as well as, all services performed by Shane Knox by phone, video, or in person, including all media based works that he presents are given purely from a Spiritual perspective of Modern Shamanism and are not meant to take the place of any licensed professional including doctors, counselors, therapists, etc.     No refunds.

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