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Dr. JR Kille, RYT 500 and Reiki Master


JR Kille is an energy healer, yoga instructor and chiropractor who has taught at Sage Studio since 2019. JR’s yoga journey started when he was feeling his own physical decline over decades of stressful work with poor self-maintenance habits.


He started practicing yoga in 2016 which allowed him to feel healthier and even reverse his body aging. After becoming a yoga instructor he volunteered at the local VA clinic teaching in-person yoga classes, gave private lessons, and teaches a regular beginner yoga class at Sage Studio.


In 2008 he married Barbara Ann Johnson an artist and massage therapist. JR says, “We work well together, she continues to show me new spiritual possibilities while I continue to help her stay grounded.” With JR’s day job, as a chiropractor, he sees so many people who have not taken care of their bodies with movement and stretching. Yoga is so helpful with helping the body, mind and spirit. At its very core yoga is life like breathing is life.

JR teaches a Beginners Yoga Class every Thursday morning at 7am!

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