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What is a Shaman?


For me, being a Shaman is a way of life. The highest compliment I get is when people notice that I am the same in every other area of my life as I am in session. I don’t put on a show with my beliefs and then revert to form. My spiritual path is my form. It is the all-encompassing aspect of my life that infuses everything that I do. In a more specific sense, being a Shaman is a gift and a responsibility that I carry in the tradition that it was handed down to me from the Medicine Woman who set me on this path of self discovery and offering help to others along the way.


Every culture throughout history has had Shamans. They have had many names but all have served the same purpose, to be the go between for Spirit and mankind. Shamans connect with the Spirit World in a way that brings forth guidance, information, healing and the energies of change. They serve the role of clergy, counselors, historians, masters of ceremony and connections to the Divine all in one place. I help people with the gifts and talents I have developed through a lifetime of study with many amazing teachers. I use these techniques and rituals to help people understand where they are in life, where they want to be and how to get there. I help them resolves blocks and inner conflicts. I show them new perspectives on their lives and offer support and guidance along the way. I live my life as a blessed individual and strive to pass that along to everyone who comes in front of me. A Shaman’s path is one of service to others, of being the voice and hands of Spirit to aid people in their life’s journey.

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