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Mark Thompson, RYT 200

My journey into Yoga at Sage Studio began with an invite from a friend, I was told it was a great place to heal. Stress has always over run my life. Yoga has given me the tools to help calm and quiet the mind. Too often we find ourselves frantically thinking about emails, calls, appointments, bills etc. We must make the time, to take that breath, to calm our minds, rid our souls of that negative energy and leave it on the mat.


I've been very fortunate to train and grow with this wonderful group of teachers and students, each and every one of them make up our Sage-Family. And I’m happy to carry on this tradition of healing by adding my name to the list of teachers.


My Vinyasa Flow classes will be Slow, Fluid and Strong. Modifications for all levels will be given. Classes will be Heart Felt, Sincere and Honest Always Striving for "Present In This Moment" Stress is relieved thru play, Yoga is our Playtime!


I also love to hike, bike and get outdoors. I am a 2nd degree Black Belt and served in the Air Force during Desert Storm. Excited for this next chapter of my life I’m beginning training into a new LMT career (Licensed Massage Therapist), it’s never too late to rewrite the next chapter. See you in class!


“Speak kind words, if you choose to speak at all. We do not always have to respond.” (borrowed from a Sage Family Member and Friend)

See Mark's Teaching Schedule Here!

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