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Candiss Chapman, RYT 200


I remember standing on a beach in Hawaii thinking...I wish I knew how to do yoga. This would be a great spot for it.  Fast forward a few years and I finally attended my first class. I was hooked. Yoga has been a way for me to get out of my head, get in touch with my body and find my center.  I tell people that I bend so I don’t break.

I have a need to know the why and how behind things. I’m the person that takes things apart to see how they work. So, when shortly after becoming a member at Sage Shane offered the RYT 200 class I knew I had to sign up. What better way to understand yoga than to take it all in? The thing that surprised me most is that I graduating wanting (needing) to teach after I’d said the whole time that I was only in it to learn.

Three months after graduating I was back on that beach but this time I taught yoga at sunrise.  I was was the perfect spot.

See Candiss's teaching scheule here!

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