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Clark Neumann, RYT 200


I think I was a very lucky kid growing up in the 80s.  I had parents that exercised daily (and still do!).  They showed me the importance and joy of physical fitness.  I was allowed to run or bicycle through my neighborhood streets, backyards, and beyond.  


As a kid and throughout my life I've also had long episodes of chronic fatigue and pain.  I have found over and over that exercise is one of the most helpful things to treat my symptoms.   


So, at age 40, when my episodes shifted and I started having big involuntary movements and a cascade of weird symptoms.. I didn't hesitate to try yoga when a friend suggested it.


I had lost a lot of mobility and fluidity by the time I found Sage Studio.  I was so amazed and inspired at how these people were moving with such grace and balance!  My first class at Sage was the first Saturday morning 9am Flow of 2020 and Woah. Whirlwind!  But I was euphoric when it was over.  My body felt So Good.  I became a member the next day.  Over time I have built not just strength and flexibility at Sage.  I have found a community. 


I still have diffucult symptoms and involuntary movements.  But through yoga I have learned that while I can not always control my tics and symptoms I can change the quality of them.  I can simplify, clean, and polish them.  I can choose to make all my movements so gracious and so kind that my involuntary movements will have no choice but to follow.  


My goal as a teacher is to unite movement with the breath.  And through that practice I hope that we will also find a way to unite stillness with the breath.


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