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"I don't care about the pose you are good at.  Let me see the one you are working on.  That's the real stuff."  

 -Shane Knox


Located in Springfield, MO, Sage Studio features ongoing Yoga classes in the Hatha and Tantric Yoga traditions.


Yoga is a practice that combines breath, asana (poses), meditation and connection to the Divine to open you to a new relationship with yourself and the world around you. It can increase health, strength and flexibility, relieve stress, deepen Spiritual understanding and awareness, and allow you grace and poise that translates off the mat and into everyday life.

The word Yoga means “union”.  I will work with you to develop your own personalized yoga practice to help you align your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves into balance and harmony.  Energy and breath will be major focal points as we move through poses that are sequenced in a way that will leave you feeling energized, centered and connected.

Sage Studio Teachers


The Yamas & The Niyamas


Why Open a

Yoga Studio?

My love of yoga is so strong that I knew it was something I had to share with everyone. I knew I wanted a traditionally based studio that embodied the strength and power that yoga offers us physically, but also embraced the deeper teachings as a pathway to the self. For me, yoga is all of those things and much more.

I remember the first yoga poses I did with my mother when she would get home from class when I was a kid. We would get on the floor together and it was fun. It was a chance to spend time with someone that I love and just be comfortable in our own skin even though I certainly didn’t understand the value of that at that age. I do now. My personal practice has varied through the years and when I felt the calling back to the mat after a bit of an absence a few years ago it was life changing. I lost forty pounds, found flexibility and strength I never knew I was capable of, got in the best shape of my life and also found an inner relationship with myself that has made me a calmer and happier person in every part of my life. I discovered the power of focus and the connection with the Divine that comes with breath and intention. How could I not share this with everyone I could?


From that experience Sage Studio was born. I envisioned a place where people could feel safe to explore themselves and dive as deeply into this ocean we call yoga that they wanted to. I wanted a place of family and sharing, of celebration and support. Little did I know those were not expectations of some far off future but, rather the founding seeds that have grown beyond what I could have ever asked for.


Sage Studio is a place to step out of routine and old identities. It is a place to work your body, expand your mind and connect with your Spirit in new and exciting way. It is a place to discover your true self. Come and embrace Total Fitness, Mind, Body and Spirit with us at Sage Studio. We will see you on the mat.




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